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My Marmon is coming out to the public

Dragone Classic Motorcars has finished the engine work that we decided to do and after some negotiations they have decided to present our 1915 Marmon Model 41 Club Roadster to a wider audience. They do this with some of their cars but they were still presenting this car to their more exclusive clientele. Marketing it directly to Brass Tour enthusiasts.

This entailed putting on white-walled tires (which most people seem to like), a new top (which EVERYBODY likes), and exposing a little more brass which had been hidden when it was delivered.

They also removed the front bumper because it is too difficult to explain to everyone that this car came from the factory with a bumper, some seven years before the other car makers offered one. The purchaser will probably snap it back on when they find out that it MAY be one of the oldest bumpers in existence.

Here is a link to the advertisement sent to their mailing list of over 100,000 car enthusiasts.

1915 Marmon Model 41 Club Roadster

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The photos on the main page were different sizes which caused the text to jump up and down. Added more photos to the generic photos on the main page which includes the top, no bumper, and the paint re