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Added a What's NEW page

I have been adding quite a lot to this site recently for a few reasons.

1) Last week there was a 4 page feature about the Marmon in Hemmings Classic Car Magazine that people were having trouble seeing. So I watermarked the images and mounted them here.

2) I have been planning on posting all of the cool paper that I have about this car because there must be SOMEONE out there that thinks that this information is as important as I do.

3) I borrowed a scanner from a friend and have to work fast.

4) While preparing my Marmon for some fall events, I needed to bring out all of the paperwork for an interested party. I kinda sorta completely covered the dining room table and Beth wants this stuff PUT AWAY. I do not want to put it away until I finally scan it again with modern equipment so that I will always have a copy just in case anything happens to it. Like Beth lighting it on fire so that she can have her dining room table back,.

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