New Hampshire Motor Speedway Vintage Weekend 2013.

We spent four days at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for their Vintage Racing weekend. 

Ken McGee drove his Factory-5 Cobra and I drove the Marmon from Keene to Louden for the event, outrunning the rain the whole way. Once we were there, we settled into a manly way of life: Constant engine noise, purchased meals, living in squalor, watching practice races, eating, drinking beer & hanging around in garages talking about cars & motorcycles. 

Friday night Deb & Beth arrived and reviewed our newly organized camper and we continued eating, and then we gave them the tour around the garages so that they could see all of the vintage bikes and vintage race cars without people around.

The rain started early in the morning and the engines started up by 8 am. The rain faded away and we started another fun day of watching racing and setting up for a car show (which was supposedly why I brought the Marmon). 
The big surprise was that Doug & Leslie came over to visit. 
We watched some more racing and looked at the cars at the show.
Ken and Deb won 1st place in their division for their Cobra and then we found out that we would be able to take our cars out on the track. 

We only have three seats so Beth & Leslie had to cram into a single narrow seat and after we signed the waivers, we were on our way. Leslie filmed it, and although the video is jumpy, bouncy, and is usually aimed at the back of Doug's head, the AUDIO is great. Any of you that know Beth will enjoy the soundtrack as she "cautions" me about curves and such.

After D&L left, the four of us continued having fun until we had to drive home Sunday afternoon trying to avoid the rain with our open roadsters.

If you know Beth or Leslie, it is worth listening to the video, to anyone else, you can use it for educational purposes...

1915 Marmon Model 41 hitting a milestone on it's anniversary.


My odometer passes 50k in a 1915 Marmon Model 41 on the speedway with my VERY nervous wife crammed in the back seat (every single corner is her least favorite).  


The car was purchased exactly 98 years ago by my grandfather and it finally passed 50,000 miles in a dramatic way.   New Hampshire Motor Speedway Vintage Weekend 2013.