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This is a site that is meant as an information source for people that have seen this car at a show or in a magazine and want to find out more about it and other Marmons.

Percy on Prince St
Percy on Prince St

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2015-10-00, Marmon Grampa, Causeway St
2015-10-00, Marmon Grampa, Causeway St

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Percy on Prince St
Percy on Prince St

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I cannot believe it.  All of my life I have been asked "how much is it worth?" and my standard reply was "I don't know, and I don't care, It's never going to be sold!

Well things change.  This wonderful sports car that I played in as a child and have been the proud caretaker of for over four decades is finally going to be sold for only the second time in it's existence.  The first time was in 1915.  I had planned to pass it down to my only son Derek once he had a garage of his own or to another family member with the resources to maintain an important automobile like this; who would avoid the temptation to fully restore it and to keep it as a reference of one of the advanced technology vehicles that were being produced during the same period as the mass produced economy cars of the time that everybody is familiar with.

Carefully preserving a Porsche so historians don't think we only drove Pintos.

In 2004 our son Derek died in a collision with a moose.  I did not make any decisions about the Marmon for a number of years, because I wanted to be sure that I had explored all of the options.  

I decided that I should sell it while I still could remember the details of working on it so I could consult whoever bought it.  I do not have a lot of cash available to repair it if I accidentally broke a major component of the car. 

( I used up a large amount of my "nest egg" replacing a family homestead that burned down, which has since been given to my nieces and nephews. )


I almost made a deal with a famous high end auction house, but I am not a gambler and I backed out.

I think that it is one of the most driveable exciting original vehicles out there.  VERY reliable, easy to drive, difficult to park because of the crowds of people around the car can make it difficult to step off of the running boards. 

Manny Dragone told me that in his 40+ years of selling cars he has never seen a car with documentation as complete as this one.  For someone who is willing to be a steward for this piece of automotive history

that REALLY likes to own exceptionally cool toys, this car needs a home.  You need to be either financially flush OR be a really good mechanic.  I can fix almost anything but I recently had the engine "freshened" with new rings, valves, and waterpump fins.  This little tuneup cost me $37,000 but the good news is that it will probably never have to be done again.

Information about this car

This car was purchased new in 1915 by my Grandfather Percy Warren Witherell of Boston Massachusetts.   It has never been sold and is pretty close to original.  It has approximately 49,000 original miles and has had normal wear and tear items replaced.  This century old car has had less parts replaced than my thirteen year old MINI cooper.  


I have this car because my Grandfather did not throw anything away.  So I have ALL of the paperwork from the original purchase, all of his license renewals, and bills from mechanics.  

I also have many letters from people asking to purchase the car when it was being stored for years in a garage that was collapsing around it.




The other car that my Grandfather never sold was a beautiful 1950 Ford woody station wagon with a flathead V8 that my dear cousin Tim had taken possession of.  We were casually arranging how to move that car to my house for perpetual care when my cousin died and his heirs promptly sold it.  

Easy come, easy go..




Flip through the pages (there aren't very many) to see pictures and  some of the documentation for this car.  There are catalogs from 1915 and any other info that I can scan.




The Marmon Club web page is a great source of information about ALL of the Marmon automobiles.



My name is Warren Witherell.  

may be only the only Warren Witherell still alive, although it is amazing how many people have been named Warren Witherell in the past.

Note that I am not the world famous skier.  

I can be reached by email at:


and I will be glad to answer your questions or try to point you to somebody that can answer them.



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