The Future for Percy's Marmon 41

My options and long term plans for the car have been changed since my son Derek died.   With the help of friends I have been formulating various scenarios and hopefully will have things figured out.  Some day.    For sure.

If you have experience with old cars or family heirlooms and have some advice to share, please email me at


----------------- UPDATE ---------------

As of October 2018 my car is being offered for sale by Dragone Classic Automobiles.  Hopefully Alex and Manny will be able to find someone who would appreciate the originality and history of our wonderful Marmon.

And if they don't, then I will be driving it next summer.

Contact me if you would like more information about the car, or to hear random history about our family car, or if would prefer to deal directly with me, and contact Manny at Dragone if you would like to talk to a professional.


I chose Dragone Classic Motorcars because of their wonderful reputation and their knowledge of cars and their values.    Dragone will probably be cheaper than I would be, because the car is FAMILY to me (and this is just one of the 60 rare cars that they sell every year), but I have heard that some people will not buy from a dealer and my contract with them is non-exclusive, so we can work it out any way that you wish. 

                                             Thank you,

                                             Warren Witherell