There are a few pages of photos here.

I don't want to bore you but some folks may be doing research and need some photos or just love the stuff.

Saratoga Concourse d Elegance

My car was invited to the  

2016 Hemmings Concours d'Elegance in Saratoga Springs NY.

My car won an "Editor's Choice Award". 

NH Speedway at 50,000 miles

New Hampshire Motor Speedway Vintage Weekend 2013.

Random Photos of the Roadster

WFW's Stanley Steamer

WFW was Percy's Father, my Great-GrandFather.  Percy and his father Warren, both LOVED steamers.  "Nobody knows how fast they could go!", "they could go as fast in reverse as they could going forward!" and other boasts that I heard my entire childhood.   Mobil Oil convinced the politicians in Boston to create an ordinance that prohibited an open flame in public garages and the steamer was legislated out of Boston.

The Warren F. Witherell store.

The business near North Station in Boston that allowed Percy to afford such an expensive sports car.  It was a very successful liquor and grocery importer while WFW was alive.  Prohibition and a scientist in charge ended a good run. Rags to Riches to Rags in two generations.  

Percy, who bought the Marmon

WFW purchased a number of cottages in Roland Park, Ossipee, NH at the turn of the century.  Percy's wife Alice would spend the entire summer "up country" with the children and Percy would take the train or drive up in the Marmon for the weekends.  These photos are a few of the glass plate negatives of Percy and Alice at Fromlyn, the cottage that Alice's father owned. 

So these photos may be before they were married.

Wreck, The Readville Races 

Glass plate negatives I found.  I have no idea what year it was.

Wreck, Hyde Park Train

PWW was a geek who was into the new high tech fad PHOTOGRAPHY, so he took many photos of many things. 

One series was of this train wreck.  I do not know where or when.